Editions of You ( live 1973 !)


By the way, that’s Satan  playing the Moog and tambourine—
but JESUS blows them all away with his guitar lead.
So take THAT, forces of darkness.Anti travolta

ROXY MUSIC : one of my all-time faves!

9 comments on “Editions of You ( live 1973 !)

  1. madblog says:

    I can’t like this enough. “Satan playing the Moog!” HAHAHA

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  2. madblog says:

    Are you familiar with Noel Fielding/ The Mighty Boosh/ Luxury Comedy?

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  3. madblog says:

    First, I feel this unreasonable animosity for BE, I know it’s unreasonable and the two Brians/Bryans have worked together in recent years. But it goes back to that (if true) split between them after FYP…it always looked like Eno was out of sync with the thrust of the band. It was BF’s band! Haha

    But the funny thing is that Noel Fielding on his Brit show “Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy” plays off that very thing. He is a HUGE BF fan.
    I will send a link, if available, to the pertinent piece. In the meantime, check out NF’s first show too, “The Mighty Boosh”. BF is a running character (not the real guy).

    Links tomorrow!

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    • Andrew says:

      Funny you mention For Your Pleasure – I just listened to that album in its entirety on Friday night, first time in a long while, and heard all sorts of marvels in it I had never noticed before. I can’t say if I like FYP, Stranded, Country Life or Siren best. They remain my favorite 4. For some reason I never appreciated Avalon or the later stuff as much.

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  4. madblog says:

    OK. Here we go:

    Hang in there to the end.


    The Mighty Boosh episode 8, “Hitcher” If you can’t find this, I’ll try to get my daughter to find it for me.


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  5. madblog says:

    It’s difficult to pick a favorite. But right now, probably Roxy Music or FYP. My preference changes over time.

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  6. Andrew says:

    Very strange British retro schizo glam-rock humor.
    The Foster’s ad partway through was a refreshing counterpoint.
    Have you ever seen Brass Eye?


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