Andean Excursions

I love SUKAY 

→ no connection with Greek concept psuché  ψυχή:   breath, the soul
Original Word:  ῆς, ἡ       Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine
Transliteration: psuché      Short Definition: the soul, life, self 

(a) the vital breath, breath of life,
(b) the human soul,
(c) the soul as the seat of affections and will,
(d) the self,
(e) a human person, an individual.



9 comments on “Andean Excursions

  1. Wonderful music, fascinating poems.

    I left home at 15 a long, hard story. At sixteen, I met a young woman from Santa Ana Pueblo, or Tamaya in the Native language, whose family took me under their wing and I spent a lot of time out there. Their stories say they are descendants of the great tribes in Mexico and South America, that there people came from the south. I think they were people running from sacrifice and I think that is partly why the Pueblo culture is so peaceful. Many of the things they taught me are still part of me today. Wonderful proverbs and traditional practices that give me a practical application even in my Christian faith that I came to later. My friend also, became a Christian and kept her traditions because they don’t contradict each other. When I read “what so ever you do… do as unto the Lord” I remember my friend and her family and how even the most simple, daily actions had spiritual meaning. I also, think that at one time, the Pueblo culture had advanced technology but that same technology destroyed them and left them as the more primitive people ‘discovered’ by the Spaniards. This is what they say of themselves, that at one time they could control the weather and misused their power. That’s why their teachings focus so heavily upon nature and upon respecting the natural world. I think what happened in Atlantis has happened many times. I think it is happening to us now. I also, believe there will be a final fall of human civilization and then Christ’s Kingdom will become a physical reality.

    I believe I am a soul and apart from the breath of God, I’m nothing.

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    • Andrew says:

      This is a great response and touches on so many themes that continue to attract me. I have visited many sites in the Southwest, even chose to attend college in Colorado because of the Ethnic/Archeological interest of the region.

      Are you familiar with the work of AZ U prof. Christy Turner?

      The Mexican narco-violence is a direct continuation of the Aztec thuggery you mention above. This stuff is so fascinating. Thanks for visiting J.I.


      • Thank you for this. I hadn’t made that connection in my own ruminations…but I see the Narco influence in the government system dominating the world right now. Thank you for the link.

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      • We in the four-corners often snicker a little at the term “Anasazi” as it literally translates as “enemy spirit’s lurking around”. I think these ancient people have been mythologized too much and it’s better to look at them as just people. When I think of my friends mother, who lived very close to her Tamaya traditions, I know her adherence was also, a kind of penance that she believed was vital for her people to hold and that when her people let go of living their beliefs, the world would be destroyed. She loved the Great Spirit, was surrendered to Him, she revered nature, and clung to simple ways. They also, hold a vigilance against witches. I believe what these people say about themselves. I also, know the younger generations don’t hold so tightly to these simple ways but a few still try. All peoples can devolve into cannibalism when by whatever means, they begin to see themselves as gods and above nature. This streak runs strong in our culture today and its first expression is in mother’s aborting their babies as a form of birth control. The old people are next…it isn’t just the Narcos but the Narcos are a foreshadowing of what’s coming. I live very near to the horror in northern Mexico. Believe me that horror is moving north and spreading.

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      • Andrew says:

        I know “Anasazi” is Navajo for enemy ancestors or something like that…

        The worst-case future scenario looks like Mad Max, The Road, and Book of Eli all at once. When they decide that the “useless eaters” need to be eaten it will be ugly.

        (“As it was in the days of Noah…”)
        Doesn’t it make you wonder what the pre-flood world culture was like? This is the Atlantis tie-in.

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      • The Navajo or Dineh ancestors are the Eskimo. They came here from the north. Their oral history tells of a break with the other Eskimo tribes and of following a great bird south. Shiprock is what is left of that bird, it is the wing sticking up from the ground. Only Europeans saw it as a ship. The Spaniards named the Dineh, hourse thieves because of their practice of raiding the surrounding tribes and any Spaniard that made themselves handy. The Navajo culture is night and day different from the Pueblo culture. I think the Navajo call the Pueblo’s ancient ancestors “enemy spirits lurking around” out of a somewhat guilty conscience. Even if Dineh teaches that the only thing bad about stealing is getting caught…

        I think about the days of Noah often and also, wonder what it would be like to live in a time when everyone does what is right in their own eyes. I see the spirit of that alive and well today but for now, it is being held down by an increasingly, totalitarian government. When corruption brings that down, anarchy will follow. I think Hunger Games is the best modern depiction of what is happening to us now.

        I think it is a mistake to see human civilization on an ever upward trajectory. I think we have certain instinctual behaviors that we repeat over and over. We form tribes, nations, and empires. We develop fantastic technologies that cause us to think we are above nature but nature puts us back into place when the evil that exists in everyone that we love to deny, comes down full force upon ourselves. When the wizards are in ascendance, we are very near the collapse that I believe is pre-set to keep us within bounds. Each subsequent empire consumes more of the earth, the final one will consume it all. There will be one final, horrible crash, and then the meek will inherit the earth. I think the reality of it is beyond our ability to imagine or grasp and honestly, I have to look beyond in order not to become overly, terrified at what is coming.

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      • I misspelled Dine’ I think. I had cryo brain this morning and went phonetic. I spelled it the way they pronounce it. Anyway, everything is just the observations and experiences of an old lady. I don’t claim to be an expert. I did very much enjoy the music and I always enjoy thinking about ancient civilizations. Have a wonderful week, Andrew.

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      • Andrew says:

        I enjoy your commentary. I would love to know more about your experience of the Southwest. Thanks for what you have shared and for visiting.

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      • I would like to write a historical novel about my family and New Mexico. Hopefully, I’ll get well and accomplish that dream. It is a place people have run to for centuries. The peasantry here have seen many tecalote’ come and go. Hasta luego. We’ll chat more later.


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