♦ Chacaltaya ♦


Ageless chola of glaciers and scuttling roaches

Your Andean splendors awaken my heart.

Still seeking a summit, your coldness reproaches;

So little I know you—in whole or in part.

Now that winter recedes as the springtime encroaches

I hope for a greening of sorcery’s art.

Lighten up, dark enchantress of icy approaches;

Let the ice-caps melt and the warming start . . .

Will another bad sonnet addressed to her highness

Allow for a thaw to begin in her soul?

Get over your winter of taciturn shyness!

Or is frozen entombment your element, witch?

This old necrophile waits for a smile (or a twitch).

I would marry your corpse—but mere friendship’s my goal.


5 comments on “♦ Chacaltaya ♦

  1. Your thoughts still linger in the southern hemisphere. Scientists predict many things but in my life time I’ve seen those predictions fail. There are many false prophets today, as there have always been. We’re relenting the lack of snow pack in NM too. We are in an exceptional drought supposedly, the worst kind of drought. The rivers look like late August rather than spring. It puts what is important into perspective. Water is everything.

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    • Desdi says:

      Good to hear from you Joy. This poem was more about an Andean girl I liked in AZ and less about warming . . . funny that you should visit since I just went on a binge of Chaco Canyon and Anasazi documentaries a few days ago !

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      • Awww, lol it’s always about a girl. There are so many ruins in this area that most of us never see. My brother-in-law worked in the oil field and ran across them all of the time. My husband and I visited some of them and we had the definite feeling that we were invading someone’s personal, sacred space. Maybe it’s best that few people know how extensively this area was settled. My hometown, at present, sports the world’s only restored grand kiva. Now, that’s a space I love to visit, sit inside, and just be. The ‘enemy spirits’ or Anasazi have either departed or have made peace with the tourists.

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      • Desdi says:

        I can’t remember if we talked before about the research of Dr. Christy Turner? (he was a forensic anthropologist and prof at ASU)

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      • No. I don’t think we have. Is she the subject of your poem? Can I google her and find her work?


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