Boys in the Banned: Super-Salty


Check out Odysee.

(not Homer’s Odyssey)

You can get Salty Cracker’s content  from Utoob there. He has a YT channel, but something in this livestream was too much for them and you can only see it at Odysee & Bitchute.

Hmmmmm, wonder why there is so much buzz about the Biden family being suppressed? Must be that evil Russian-bot-generated science-denying ultra-extremist white-supremacist FAKE NEWS, huh? I tried to embed this Salty Cracker vid, but WordPress won’t let it happen here. Salty has a pottymouth but he is hilariously well-informed. Please go support him at Odysee. The guy cracks me up. He, too, is a great poet.


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