For Culrd Grlz who Yak on Phonz (when Afro-silence iz Enuf)


Babbling publicly into your phone
the tragedy’s yours, and yours alone:
messages from your dysfunctional city
inflicted in Afro-eccentricity.

Turn off your phone and spare us the drama.
Look for change from the Lord (not Obama)…
Quit twitching your neckline, stop making that face
there’s nothing you merit because of your race;
no right to entitlement. Take it to God—
we hope He will change you, but spare the rod.

And we pray He does change you, put “yes” in your can;
and that change that’s left over (from Savior to man)
might enlighten your heritage, lighten your load
help you calculate more or less what you are owed
in dollars or dignity (afro-semantics)
while twittering radically militant antics.

A debt unforgiven: this claim someone owes you
some change in a can that black history shows you
your hopeful presumption is scant reparation
for ghetto entitlement fouling our nation.

Go harvest your madness and reap what you’ve sown
now that tares have sprung up as you blab on your phone
now that reapers are ready—the data-plan paid
and our melanin levels beginning to fade…

I’ll shout from your rooftop until you’ve heard
and the crackers get fed to the mockingbird.

Cosmoetica NAILED HER to a pedicure



2 comments on “For Culrd Grlz who Yak on Phonz (when Afro-silence iz Enuf)

  1. TI says:

    Found this a few weeks ago. Apparently it isn’t well organized, but if you do a little digging there’s some interesting documentation on government psy-ops (mockingbird included). Unfortunately, for the mockingbird stuff, its a bit outdated. declassified info from ’74 where it appears to be mostly as a wiretap operation. Some really interesting stuff.

    Freedom of Information Act/Gov Documents – Act

    Pertaining directly to Project Mockingbird –

    On a somewhat related note (Media propaganda)

    Presentation Slides on Military Memetics (Memes) –

    The 1680 page research compendium the presentation is based on –


  2. TI says:

    Actually, don’t mess around with those links. Was checking em out and my screen went blank and won’t turn back on without an external monitor. Are they definitely related? I don’t know. Better safe than sorry.


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