Vajra Cast From Golden Heights

ཆོས་ཀྱི་རྒྱ་མཚོ་ Bards of the bardo, hear my lay; ye glacial Himalayas, sway. Raise a warming toast in sake, while my mystic muse gets cocky. You who seek enlightenment unto whom these lines are sent open wide your spirit’s portal (you—who are not yet immortal) as we weigh a departed soul and hurl a vajra. Let it roll […]

Reply to a Bumpersticker

Multitudes will be liberated by that recognition; and although multitudes obtain liberation in that manner, the number of sentient beings being great, evil karma powerful, obscurations dense,  propensities o too long standing, the Wheel of Ignorance and Illusion becometh neither exhausted nor accelerated.  The Tibetan Book of the Dead translation:  Lāma Kazi Dawa-Samdup “Free Tibet” […]