Little orphans in the snow with nowhere to call a home
Start their singing, singing

Waiting through the summertime to thaw your hearts in wintertime
That’s why they’re singing…

Waiting for a sign to turn blood into wine
The sweet taste in your mouth / turned bitter in its glass
Israel…in Israel / Israel…in Israel

Shattered fragments of the past meet in veins on the stained glass
Like the lifeline in your palm
Red and green reflect the scene of a long forgotten dream
There were princes and there were kings . . .

Now hidden in disguise / cheap wrappings of lies
Keep your heart alive with a song from inside
Even though we’re all alone, we are never on our own when we’re singing

There’s a man who’s looking in, and he smiles a toothless grin
Because he’s singing…

See some people shine with glee, but their song is jealousy
Their hate is clanging / maddening

In Israel…will they sing Happy Noel ?
Israel…in Israel
In Israel will they sing Happy Noel ?

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