thoughts on “It’s All Too Much”

All-time favorite psychedelic song:
a swirling synaptic overload set to music.
A kaleidoscopic pulsing vibration sent forth across the cosmos…
beyond the realms of Dionysian epiphany
into implosions of intensified light and unearthly color.

I always wondered about the strange syllables before the transcendent feedback at the start of this song. I now know that one of the Beatles was saying “to your mother” but before learning that, I always heard it as some sort of primordial mantra of creation—
like saying “Let there be light”, as if George was speaking some sort of very powerful syllabic combination in a state of meditation:

TU – YO – MOH !   ♫♪♫♪

and then the worlds and the cosmos are brought forth into being.
Oh my God—those first bursts of melody from the organ; they undo my soul completely.

Yes, I’m getting verbose—sorry, but that’s what beautiful psychedelia does to me.
This song is so full of celestial synesthesia it has sometimes reduced me to tears. Part of it is because I had the album as a child and I loved it in an innocent way for years before I ever knew or cared about altered states of consciousness. The Beatles generally affect me in that way. I was very sad when George passed away. If you like this song as much as I do you may enjoy the image I found by Mati Klarwein to accompany it (although no mere image will ever do justice to the empyrean vibrations of this universal anthem).                    Lyrics are HERE

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