Roxy Music © E.G. Music Ltd 1973

Try on your love / Like a new dress / The fit and the cut / Your friends to impress
Try on your smileSquare on your face / Showing affection / Should be no disgrace

Try out your God / Hope He will send / Kindness from strangers / On whom you depend
Try on His coat A mantle most fine / Myriad colours His harmony-thine

Believe in me / Once seemed a good line / Now belief in JesusIs faith more sublime
Head in the clouds / But I can’t see the Lord / Short of perfection / I’ll try to be good

I’ll stand at His gate / I’ll wait for His sign Then I’ll walk in His garden / When it’s my time
Drink from His cupHush now don’t you cry / His quiet waters / Will never never run dry
Nearing death’s vale / He’s here by my side / He leads me to paradise / A mountain so high

♪♫ instrumental ♫♪♪♫

Don’t be afraid  / Just treasure His word / Singing His praises I know that I’ll be heard
 He’s gonna take you by the hand / He’s gonna make you feel so good
Open up your eyes / And then you’ll see all that you should
Forget all your troubles / You will feel no pain

He’s all that you need / He’s our everything
When I’m feeling all at sea And deliverance is that distant shore
I will not be worried / Someday His house will be my home
For evermore, forever more… for ever more, forever more


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