No Man’s Land

De Nicaragua yo vengo directo / vengo en efecto
decilo correcto / contalo que es cierto

Telling the truth about where I come from / the Lyrical Latin is a Central American
telling the story of the glory of the land: a once beautiful country now free of command
but something went wrong with a strong form of government
they tried to give it an adjustment

Así comenzó la guerilla  / donde matan a sangre fría
Cold-blooded; not giving it a second thought
the love of freedom was the reason that so many fought
The start of corruption and the destruction / when given an order / you follow that instruction.
This is the place where everyone takes command: no man’s land . . .

No man’s land / meaning no exit or entry: place of no choice / wishing and envy
Force of this kind / brainwashing the mind / families split apart and left behind

todo comenzó con la revolución / es que no estaban satisfechos con la función
that the country had / and the system it was running / plans were now made and war was now coming
tiraron los Somoza y entró el Sandinismo / cuando pasó eso entró el comunismo

my people use their own people / they got greedy with the power to not treat’em as an equal
this is the place where everyone takes command: no man’s land…

♪♫♫ MUSIC ♪♪♫ 

Niños tirados a la guerra / también mujeres peleaban como fieras
so many people were tortured and killed, so much pain / so much blood spilled
I cant believe / no lo puedo creer como la gente cambian cuando tienen poder
colors of the flag replaced in fact: the red means blood and death means black
and in the center of the flag: F.S.L.N / la bandera Sandinista se sostiene

hopefully one day we’ll all be at peace / and all of these countries will soon be released
so we won’t sink into the communist quicksand: no man’s land…

flag of Nicaragua      FSLN

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