Religion, you harlot and opiate of the masses

I smell the stagnation you bring upon earth.

Gold becomes lead, in stained roseate glasses

Diluting, corrupting, negating its worth.

Hierarchical structure and pseudo-anointing

Seem holy—but prove antithetic to Christ

whose transparent and sure apostolic appointing

began a new age, and sufficed.

I renounce you, religion; your temples lie fallen . . .

the future arises from ruins, ever new.

Mere human unrighteous momentum must stall

when the truth spins around into view.

He was scorned, he was vilified; slain for your sin

Abrahamic philosopher, healer and friend

yet perceived as demoniac right to the end.

His beginning is here in your heart. Never fear:

Dead religion must perish for true love to win.

Hermeneutics imploding—His coming is near


5 comments on “Churchianity

  1. Jordan says:

    Well said. Too often “religious people” get caught up focusing on themselves and completely neglect the personal relationship with Christ. They are self-deluding with rituals, buildings, and ministers. While there is nothing wrong with these things in themselves, when they become the mainstay of the religion it signifies a serious problem.

    At least, that’s the meaning I got from the poem.


    • drew says:

      I think you read it as intended. It is hard not to get caught up in rituals, buildings, and ministers…it just creeps in gradually. I hope God will wake all of us, myself included, out of our stupor. A great awakening, that’s what I am hoping for. It happened before, it can happen again.
      Thanks for pondering this with me.


  2. Ben Kohns says:

    This is good. I like “ Dead religion must perish for true love to win.”

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