Woman A Come

Iyawta Jahdawta from Penchurian border a come !

Iya iyata woman a come . . .

Iyawta Jahdawta woman a come . . .
Jahdawta iyawta a come to sound:
Ungumalungu man
Ungumalungu man/Ungumalungu man
Iyawta Jahdawta from Penchurian border/ woman a come

If you see him before I do, please give him my heart-message so true
Tell him I don’t want to live without him
For I’ve been lost and lonely and blue—
He is my love my life my all . . .
Ungumalungu man, Ungumalungu man
The King of Ace from out of space:
Ungumalungu man

[ ♪ horns ♫ ]

He speak the language of the breeze
and harmonize it with the symphonies  in the trees
And when I’m in my solitude
I can hear . . . I can hear the breeze singing to me
not imaginary sounds but true melodies
of my beautiful
Ungu Malungu man I love

So if you see him before I do
please give him my heart-message so true
tell him: Iyawta Jahdawta from Penchurian border

Woman a come