National Poetry Writing Month 2023

ConnectHook‘s  10th consecutive year

of posting original work every day of April
has ended with a bang of a whimper.

Thanks to everyone who visited during National Poetry Month.
Stay POETIC until we meet again.
      1. Cover-art Tryptych

      2. What The

      3. To That Thing

      4. Woke Triolet & Wokesplanations

      5. Risible Haiku & Selvas de Santana

      6. Subjected

      7. Tate’s “Hats”& Smoke Rings

      8. Global Deceptions

      9. Climate Change Sonnet

      10. Passing Sirens

      11. Hateful Brews

      12. Suits and Diplomatic Ties

      13. Three for April

      14. Miltonian Splendors

      15. June in April  ⁄  Canaanites and Kangz

      16. Dysco Tech

      17. Romances

      18. Abecedarian Prose

      19. Blue Lines

      20. Cargo Cult

      21. The Sociopath Convention

      22. A Kinzhal for Emily/As in the Days of Noah

      23. White Hoods

      24. XX Tobacco Review

      25. Goose Chase   

      26. Retratitos / Segunda Cabeza 

      27. Cypresses of Delirium

      28. Bad Data

      29. Multicultural Indigestion

      30. Ecclesia




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