National Poetry Writing Month


1. Stuff Poetry Hates
2. Portrait of a Pre-Madonna
3. Tulips for the Fire
4. Paint Saul as St. Paul
5. Scaffold the Sky
6. When Cows Come Home
7. Social Work-Out
8. Spending Down Ideals
9. Reply to a Bumpersticker
10. Beatnik Disembarks from Bardo Plane
11. Vajra Cast From Golden Heights & Leopard Spotted
12. Welsh Revival
13. Godless Bluegrass
14. Tarot Arcana VII
15. Santería
16. The Selection of Sex and Descent in Relation to Man
17. Autonomy in Catatonia
18. Benighted Nations
19. Lines that Suck the Bitch’s Tit
20. Unfortunate Juxtapositions
21. Poultry in Motion
22. To Birds who Swim in Fishy Notions
23. View from the Mortal Portal
24. Eye of Delusion
25. Hello Porneia & Hymn to Intellectual Curiosity
26. Vaginalia
27. Behold—We Come
28. Ungu Malungu, the King of Ace
29. Freethinkers Unchained
30. Data at the Helm

NaPoWriMo 2015


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