Dairy Devil


Muzzling the masses, sowing fear,
Inspired by every viral breath,
Globalist dairy-farms grow rich
Milking that Covid cow to death.

Contradictory messages;
Milkmaids panic, udders shrivel . . .
The coronation. Then, the reign:
Fake News hypes the fearful drivel.

Bigging up that Chinese chest-cold,
Karens cluck while nannies scold us;
Golden goose for techno-tyrants —
Chinese take-out: What they told us.

Pestilential testing frenzies;
Killing the patient with the cure.
Social distances grow further.
There is no god. That much is sure.


Amber Graves of Wane

Two things occurred this week that should have your attention.

And, no, one of them is not the cartoonish second impeachment trial of a former president. Don’t let the media lure you into this drama.

As the first two days of the trial proved, this is nothing more than emotion-driven theatrics.

Democrats are notorious for murdering the facts and appealing to people’s base emotions, and this trial is more of the same.

Its purpose has little to do with the former president and everything to do with you, Mr. and Mrs. Conservative American.

If they can criminalize the former president, or at the very least tarnish his reputation beyond repair, they will use that to criminalize and/or tarnish those who supported his America-first policies. That’s what they’re really after, so don’t let them get into your head. Call it what it is, openly and boldly. Dramatic theater meant to sway the ignorant and uninformed.

The ignorant will be ignorant. Let them go.

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