Thinking Outside the Data-Driven Box

(as it’s lowered into the freshly-excavated grave)

Just want to unpack a new metric here, folks.

I’m all about making YOUR brand user friendly and empowering others with the tools to do the same. These tools I’m sharing not only help you think outside the box—they actually let you DISMANTLE the box and then REASSEMBLE the box around yourself until it becomes a COFFIN ! Remember—it’s all about YOUR BRAND getting maximum hits. COFFIN is the new cradle, so every hit your site takes, every ‘like‘ your page gets, every ‘tweet’ you hear from every birdie in God’s green trees is like another nail in your coffin.

Take this new metric, use it, share it; unpack the toolkit I give you, and think outside the box as you reassemble it around your mortal self and watch your webpage TRIPLE  in HITS.

Remember: “COFFIN!  It’s the new CRADLE!”

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