Missional Misstatement

Often misperceived by covenantally de-contextualized congregations, and subject to the twistings of a capricious and polarized political paradigm, Total Jesus Spirituality™ in fact has nothing to do with the “Gospel” (εὐαγγέλιον) or so-called “Glad Tidings”. Total Jesus Sprituality™ (TJS) seeks to de-emphasize a non-incarnationally contextualized worship-centered Christology while stressing both a collaborative and missional covenantal spirituality (declarative/lateral) as regulated by the logic of radical grace AND temple spirituality (participational/intersectional) carefully fleshed out in a local-facing presence of the Christ concept within each horizontally-impacted socio-cultural context. A TJS  strategy of community outreach to the not-yet-Christian, will seek to grow less by planting large congregations and more by planting real-time local-facing grace-centered multi-congregational culturally-diverse churches through intentional use of social-work buzzwords, incarnationally-focused super-hyphenated jargon, vapid hybrid terminology, corporate-style graphics, and hip visuals with colorful schematic diagrams, arrows, and squiggly little data-driven icons in user-friendly pastel shades. Our spirituality therefore comprehends Christ-centered grace as the focus of mission, Christ-centered church as the locus of mission, and will accordingly mediate Christ in a hocus-pocus of onomatapoetic non-discourse.


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Messenger Service

Prompts and outcomes don’t mean shit.
Some write nothing worth the reading…
Message matters; deal with it.
Prose as poetry?  Misleading.

Heartfelt imagery. . .  how nice.
But we need more than swooning sighs.
Rethink verse and throw the dice—
Then focus, edit, and REVISE.