Oh The Horror, The Horror !


Latte Liberals, from Berkeley to Boston
Have a new world of fun to get lost in:
Let Progressives have fits;
Monster trucks, flashing tits,
Are now trending in Cambridge and Austin!

It’s a scene you were taught to despise
As imprudent, plebeian, unwise . . .
Like that milquetoast George Fwill,
William Buckley’s ghost Bill
in his coffin is rolling his eyes.

Though you scold, as you cluck like a hen,
The great party goes on on, ending when?
Twenty-twenty will tell
Whether Liberal’s hell
Was created by God or by men.




Millie Gets Vegetal

I find Veggietales annoying and devoid of significant Christian doctrine . . . but to call it racist is ludicrous.

Then again, I could never live in a neighborhood full of eggplants.
And those cucumbers are SO loud and offensive.
Nonetheless, some of my best friends are carrots.
Anyway, I’m married to a tomato.


And I still love Millie !