Caphtorites Slammed

I dislike most Slam-style poetry, but Thea Iberall’s spoken word piece on Caphtor/Thera/Egypt connections is interesting. There are numerous threads online and in print linking the volcanic explosion of Thera/Santorini with the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. There are even Atlantean associations with the Minoan narrative. It is intriguing to me and for that reason I like this poem.


The Aztecs also claimed to have come originally from Aztlan…
Their very name, Aztecs, was derived from Aztlan.
[Bancroft’s Native Races, vol. V]

 Atlantis is rising, the sin unforgiven
by blood from the hearts which the idols were given.
Aquarian nexus of mystic tradition:
pre-Maya, pre-Toltec, Aztlan: the Origin.

Their temples were glimpsed in infernal damnation
The images carved in symmetrical vision
Where evil, unbounded, uncovers its visage
and flows down the axis of false revelation.

Copal on the steps of the temples was wafting
their censers were smoking, the mirrors were flashing
The crystalline rites of a land in submergence
remembered in priestly obsidian slashing.

But even as life was subsiding from victims
whose blood caught the sunlight with crimson reflection
the vengeance awaited in green vegetation
to swiftly re-conquer an ossified nation.

The sea has her secret Sargassoes of culture,
her tides and abysses of suction and quaking.
Volcanic displacements cause sudden reversals
where continents vanish with new lands awaking.

Thus history finally disposes of those
who refuse to attune to the warning instruction.
They sink in a fit of deluded ambition
denying their part in divine evolution.

Now current-borne memories glide through the temples
where cruelty flourished, oppressing the blameless.
When submarine fable turns modern example
all powers, all titles, prove hollow and nameless.

Atlantis is rising, the debt unforgiven
And straight to the throne of the judgement is driven.
Aquarian idol of mystic tradition:
pre-Olmec, pre-Toltec, Aztlan:  the revision –

revealed in the end as the Israelite’s error
when Baal was enshrined and the rule was by terror.

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