Speed Date: Black Orpheus

Dionysian spectacle smashes history’s sculpted frieze / lines of flight doomed by God / the seraphic kite descends pawnshop as purgatory / sociological sub-texts / dawn over Rio / obituary ossuary: Marpessa + Breno / tragic virtualities made rhythmically palpable / the floating world: Eurydice’s arrival / subverting striation and bureaucracy through desire Eleusinian mysteries / Eternal Recurrence of Samba / Hellenistic Afrocentric epiphany / overcoding the underworld through Macumba / possession as metaphor / the pagan solar error / death of the sun / no resurrection / pure tragedy / cathexis: eros or thanatos ? / false angles of Pythagorean reincarnation / google it 


Check it until they wreck it HERE