Dialectical Ditties & Diabolic Dithyrambs

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Dear disconnected Comrades and poetic Proletarians in the People’s Glorious Struggle
for lyrical supremacy:

An urgent message to my  radicalized readers (all 7 of you) regarding the inevitable triumph of the masses under the vanguard leadership of my wise and benevolently dictatorial SELF.


Reactionaries, spies and counterrevolutionary subversives have crept into this blog in a failed attempt to mislead the masses and weaken our solidarity in the conflict. Do NOT heed the coming posts filled with so-called “POETRY” . Such filthy, unpatriotic and bourgeois treachery is clearly nothing more than treasonous versification, and displays a willful lack of understanding concerning the inevitable dialectical process of history’s final culmination in a society of pure Marxism/Leninism. Do not be dissuaded from your noble work, my brothers and sisters, as we labor diligently to bring SOCIAL JUSTICE and PEACE, by force if necessary, to those backwards elements who will not join with us. Such regressive tendencies will require reeducation.

Do NOT, I repeat (put that bottle down please Natasha, not right now, dear…)
do NOT
read any of the upcoming poems which would attempt to dissuade us from our historical imperative to establish a society worthy of the New Socialist Man and Woman.

MAD for CHE better 2                      Thesis + Antithesis = Sinthesis