Smash the Red Square

with the Blonde Wedge !

Russians, Russians EVERYWHERE (especially Maxine W’s head !)

Subject of song takes a long drag of Black Russian Sobranie. Exhales into screen.
Long pan-out to nocturnal Moscow skyline.  Protagonist speaks to surveillance camera:

“Hack, hack ←(cyber-cough). The Kremlin’s gremlins, rootin’ for Putin, play algorithm n’blues and crank out fake news. Meanwhile, democrat moonbats’ media-bots take cheap shots—not Stolichnaya, but Maxine’s unclean waters, dribbling all over Trump and Mother Russia’s noble daughters. Turn on the Alt-Right nightlight: dispel the New Left daydream until the click-baiting Hillary-hating KGB turn on the hi-beam. Gotcha ! GOTCHA !
Now dance Kamchatka… or is maybe hevink other name, the Kossack dance?
I esk Natasha.”

Dialectical Ditties & Diabolic Dithyrambs

red-star-hammer-sickle 2Boris_natasha_fearless 2

Dear disconnected Comrades and poetic Proletarians in the People’s Glorious Struggle
for lyrical supremacy:

An urgent message to my  radicalized readers (all 7 of you) regarding the inevitable triumph of the masses under the vanguard leadership of my wise and benevolently dictatorial SELF.


Reactionaries, spies and counterrevolutionary subversives have crept into this blog in a failed attempt to mislead the masses and weaken our solidarity in the conflict. Do NOT heed the coming posts filled with so-called “POETRY” . Such filthy, unpatriotic and bourgeois treachery is clearly nothing more than treasonous versification, and displays a willful lack of understanding concerning the inevitable dialectical process of history’s final culmination in a society of pure Marxism/Leninism. Do not be dissuaded from your noble work, my brothers and sisters, as we labor diligently to bring SOCIAL JUSTICE and PEACE, by force if necessary, to those backwards elements who will not join with us. Such regressive tendencies will require reeducation.

Do NOT, I repeat (put that bottle down please Natasha, not right now, dear…)
do NOT
read any of the upcoming poems which would attempt to dissuade us from our historical imperative to establish a society worthy of the New Socialist Man and Woman.

MAD for CHE better 2                      Thesis + Antithesis = Sinthesis

Boris and Natasha

This post celebrates Christmas in an indirect way. There are some sleigh-bells and images of snowy forests. But it also recalls a marvelous moment in the mid-80’s when I was in Perpignan, France. The 7-year old daughter of my host family began to sing a hauntingly beautiful song to me one day. I kept asking her to repeat the lyrics so I could learn it. I noticed Russian words, along with references to the Ukraine, the Czarina, etc. There were some words I recognized, such as a troïka [sleigh], but there were many I did not know.

The thing I love about this mysterious song is the unavoidable association with the Commie spy Natasha, and her sidekick Boris Badenov from Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons.  As a kid, I loved the Rocky & Bullwinkle Show but I did not grasp until many years later that its creator was spoofing Communist agents.  I had a big crush on Natasha; her throaty voice still turns me on. I can still hear her saying “we must crush this little squirrel” in reference to Rocky. Turns out it was June Foray I was in love with! I heard they made a full-length movie about Boris and Natasha a while back, but I will NEVER watch it. I want the real thing or nothing.

If anyone knows about the origins of the folksong, please comment below. Enjoy your ride through the Ukrainian winter forests in the troïka, with Boris, Natasha and the animals. It’s not quite Jingle Bells but I find it even more appealing.

Dans la forêt blanche d’UkraineDans la troika
Glisse une blanche troïka
Dans le silence elle promène
Petit Boris et Natacha

Raconte-nous, petite mère,
Ce qu’ils ont vu sur le chemin
Raconte-nous, petite mère
Jusqu’à demain

Chez la Tsarine

Chez la Tsarine

Ils rencontrent la zibeline,
Le renard bleu et puis le loup
Si vous allez chez la Tsarine
Voulez-vous nous prendre avec vous ?

{au Refrain}

Nous n’allons pas chez la Tsarine
Nous retournons à notre isba
Loup et renard et zibeline
Sont montés dans la troïka

{au Refrain}

Et tous ensemble, ils s’en reviennent
Serrés pour ne pas avoir froid
Dans la forêt blanche d’Ukraine
Avec Boris et Natacha