Black Box Recovered

retrieved from the wreckage / the box reveals the final seconds / the descent into panic / the end of the line of flight /true disco / the call of the empty air / the unknown diva singing out her heartache / pastoral idylls in smoking ruins / the once-green Sahara / the herdsmen’s piping to the vanished flocks / it’s all there in the black box / the pilot’s final glimpse / earth rising / the ultimate kiss of terra firma semiotext(e)disco-bolo / temporary autonomous zones / islands of intensity / the siren song of the eternal black queen / spades & clubs / vistas of urban sadness seen in passing from  a car window / something lost, found, and lost again forever in the early 1990’s / woe to those who hear too much in a cheap dance tune
Disco-bolo concept from PM
Temporary Autonomous Zone