Black Box Recovered

retrieved from the wreckage / the box reveals the final seconds / the descent into panic / the end of the line of flight /true disco / the call of the empty air / the unknown diva singing out her heartache / pastoral idylls in smoking ruins / the once-green Sahara / the herdsmen’s piping to the vanished flocks / it’s all there in the black box / the pilot’s final glimpse / earth rising / the ultimate kiss of terra firma semiotext(e)disco-bolo / temporary autonomous zones / islands of intensity / the siren song of the eternal black queen / spades & clubs / vistas of urban sadness seen in passing from  a car window / something lost, found, and lost again forever in the early 1990’s / woe to those who hear too much in a cheap dance tune
Disco-bolo concept from PM
Temporary Autonomous Zone

4 comments on “Black Box Recovered

  1. Curt says:



  2. Dave May says:

    Always a wild ride. Im holding on as I read your roller coster through the funhouse of your thoughts. The imagery and rock reference seem to heighten the emotional impact. Can you imagine this piece with graphic illustration or animation! Wow!
    Then add your voice -over narration. omg!

    Dave May


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