Bind, Oh Bind the Fasces’ Bundle

Brother and Sister Citizens:

Our fatherland consolidates. Let us salute, as One, our terrible destiny,
lately manifest as the gathering force of an orange sun now glowing,
after eight years of lightless gloom.
Now we  shine, now we merge our individuality in one
to discover a collective future in Trump.
As one wave of Greatness we now stride
over the ruins of Hope & Change, into the American Restoration.
Let us, each one, offer a straight stick of noble hardwood for the mass.

Donald our axe-head is now tightly bound with us in a shared sacred duty,
projecting his keen edge from the national bundle.
Let us, together, grow tired of winning until all worthless cancerous cells
are excised, neutralized and disposed of.
All that is not full of the Will to Greatness must perish
before the coming orange storm.
Clad in the shining raiment of victory
let us serve with American fervor our new leader.
Women, mothers and nurturers of the mystic rebirth
are welcome in Trump’s new nation.

Sweep away the cobwebs of the old weakness, hail the conquering hero,
he who fearlessly bears the fasces into the global courtroom
as judge, jury, and executioner.
Let the cities and nations of unbelief tremble and plead for mercy.
Poems shall be composed as bridges are built, spanning years.
Stanzas shall spontaneously fall into place and march with military precision.
Every capital line shall converge upon our captain.

Hail the crown of Donald T.
Hail the mighty orange flame
Hail the age’s consummation
(Voters have themselves to blame)

TRUMP shall smash the global Hydra
TRUMP shall avenge our national shame.
TRUMP shall restore our families’ honor;
CONQUER (in his deplorable name) !

Captain TRUMP, the cord that binds
TRUMP the axe-head and the judge.
Leader DONALD, light that blinds.
Our final King: let none begrudge.


LOVE is the LAW

(was that fascistic enough 4 U ?)

shout-out 2 ma homeboyz Benito Mussolini and Vlad P.
thanx 4 tha inspiration !