Gender Diversity: Death to Grammar!

Gender-based grammar is inherently sexist and oppressive. Grammar itself is a hateful, rigid, and often overtly racist construct. It is little more than an imposed control system which attempts to assign roles and reinforce identities that facilitate social regimentation. Such patriarchal occidental euro-supremacist control must be resisted at the socio-linguistic level of grammar itself. Traditional family structure reinforces and justifies this linguistic oppression, and will be forced to adapt or be rendered obsolete.  Fathers and Mothers shall inevitably yield to others.

Useless vestiges of the fascistic Roman tongue such as Italian, Spanish French, Portuguese, Catalan and Romanian, along with all associated Romance-derived dialects must evolve toward current progressive understandings of gender-fluid reality or be abandoned. The new linguistic realpolitik of openness and meta-sexual progress shall spread throughout the Global Community.  We now have NO CHOICE but to ban gender-based grammars and the inherently bigoted languages that employ them. Romance Language suffixes aside, and eschewing all bigoted subject pronouns, it’s time to celebrate absurdity perversity DIVERSITY.

As a global and genderfluid re-evaluation of rigid and outmoded languages develops, humanity will make significant strides toward collective empowerment, both lexical and sexual. Desire will be freed from patriarchal norms and find itself free to cathect onto the object of its enlightened choice. False and patriarchal notions of singular/plural will no longer be inflicted on unrestrained multiplicities of being. All genders shall converge in variegated Oneness.

We won’t need no more significators to point out a practices that meaning a nothings man out the reified racists of language herself as pronouned “other”.

We is SHE and SHE are them. Boo ya peanut verbicate up the penguin baboons adder abbot shahooligalistaaphany.

Urgh URGH  I are free! Bort gurk grammar break ump ump humpty daffodil.
It am not we is significate ourselves into oblivion.