Globalism Despises Culture

Global corporate consumerism destroys real culture. The destruction may be slow or rapid. The U.S. is the case study for this. Our nation is often criticized for having no authentic culture of its own but this is not true. What is true is that any glimmer of actual culture is quickly commodified and turned into a marketed moneymaker by the forces of global corporatocracy.

      • hippies and youth counterculture turned into fashion merchandise
      • hip-hop and rap co-opted to uphold consumerism
      • Rock and Roll as background to TV commercials
      • marketing of yoga and mysticism as New-Age products for consumption
      • marketing of educational textbook/tech packages to a public-school captive audience
      • Easter, Halloween, Christmas

But some aspects of US culture are less easy to commodify: Bluegrass music, Thanksgiving, church, classic American literature and poetry. These are the sources of my inspiration. The market-driven forces of commodification try but fail to erase every trace of historical, cultural and spiritual significance from these art-forms and holidays. It is fun to go back to the origins and learn about these things.

I think the ultimate vision of the technocrats and data-driven corporate handlers is to reduce us all to half-witted plebes devoid of historical culture, with just enough disposable income to consume at the mall and keep the service-sector afloat while cheap goods from overseas are unloaded on us.

Or something worse, like The Great Reset:



Persona Non Grata

(this festive traditional Central-Italian dish serves entire populations of citizens)


  faith in God
if unavailable, any stable moral-ethical framework  can be used

  esteem for traditional cultural values

  willingness to say what you think

  hatred of Political Correctness

1)   wake up in the morning and breathe
     rinse your mind and other ingredients well from previous day’s brain-washing

2)   refuse to believe media propaganda
      ask friends/family members to ignore mainstream media & close Facebook accounts

3)   believe that God created Man and Woman in Genesis

4)   refer to God as He
      main ingredient, beware of fire if Feminists/Genderqueer activists are near stove

5)   define family as 1 man + 1 woman joined in marriage producing children
      let ingredients simmer. Add a pinch of absolute Biblical doctrine if desired

6)   critique Cultural Marxism in ALL its manifestations (overt & disguised)

7)   dissent from the One-World Techno-Narcissist mindset
      algorithms and search-filters complement this dish, but feel free to serve it on its own

Persona Non Grata pairs well with a full-bodied Tuscan Chianti, or Montepulciano
but is especially enhanced by any vintage where the Grapes of Wrath are stored




Prompt #1: provide the reader with instructions on how to do something.
It can be a sort of recipe…

April makes me cringe
(all that poetry-writing
and rebirth of stuff)