Agnother Gnostic Acrostic

OR: A brief treatise on Antediluvian Gayology

Said Demiurge to Samael:
   This universe is getting old.
Let’s break on through and fly beyond
to where the lead shines gold.

Said Samael to Demiurge:
   I’m with you, dude. Let’s rock and roll
Let’s rip this veil of Maya in two
And glimpse the Oversoul…

Replied his echo Demiurge:
   Devoid, divine, it’s ALL good, bro;
The sweetest wine is found within
Let liquid truth now flow . . .

So Samael let drop the towel
And spread his doctrine’s orifice.
The mystic eye of gnosis shined
in luminous artifice.

Then Sam and Dem, conjoined like beasts
made cosmic love (in Koine Greek),
transforming gold to toxic lead –
and Truth into a freak.

Dubbed by the Queen of the South

Knights of the Greater Ithiopia / rise before Her Majesty / Enthroned in echoing sound-waves / trinity of rhythm code revealed in drumbeats mathematical precision of Truth / moving out across God’s universe / dubbed into all languages / a greater than Solomon lives and reigns / serve wisdom / plead for wisdom / dub echoes shimmer and die, rise reborn, depart for the throne / behold gnostic error / reverberations of Faith / the Dragon is slain / in every passing second…

ethiopian crucifix

Queen of the South REVEALED