In Open View

 So you also, when you see all these things, know that it is near—  at the doors!
        Matthew 24:33

Here we see clearly the cross of the New Covenant, built upon the law and prophets as symbolized by two tablets. Christ simultaneously fulfills the law and brings a superior covenant that supersedes the Mosaic covenant. Was Israel able to live up to the commandments? Go read Judges and Chronicles. Then look to the Messiah, call upon His name, and place your faith in His finished work. Be saved.


it’s JUNE already! I almost forgot.


so have fun reading God’s most holy word!

(especially June 19th, which is Jesus’ BIRTHDAY !)

She Got Very High

“I knew it was over. And I saw my family. I saw my funeral, and I was in the coffin …
and they were saying, ‘She was just a prostitute.’”

Feeling unloved by her father and used by a boyfriend, Annie Lobert yearned inside for the power to exact revenge over men. It overrode any caution in her life and within a short time she was selling her body, gaining the money she thought was her answer to a better life.

It was a lie. The money instead went to her violent pimp and for many years her world descended into a hell filled with prostitution, cancer, drug addiction and no future. Yet when she cried out to God in her darkest and most dangerous moment, hope arrived to give her a second chance.

Annie Lobert