Zarathustra’s Welcome

Why does he not come who has so long announced himself ?  ask many.
Has solitude swallowed him up?
Or are we perhaps supposed to come to him?

Now it happens that solitude itself grows weary and breaks, like a tomb that breaks and can no longer hold its dead. Everywhere one sees the resurrected. Now the waves are climbing and climbing around your mountain, 0 Zarathustra. And however high your height may be, many must come up to you: your bark shall not be stranded much longer. And that we who were despairing have now come to your cave and no longer despair – that is but a sign and symbol that those better than we are on their way to you; for this is what is on its way to you: the last remnant of God among men that is, all the men of great longing, of great nausea. of great disgust, all who do not want to live unless they learn to hope again, unless they learn from you, 0 Zarathustra, the great hope.

Grunewald Resurrection

Thus Spoke Zarathustra: The Welcome, Part IV
Walter Kaufmann translation from