Papa Malcolm Punks it Up

Something about the chord changes in this song moves me, and it has been stuck in my subconscious since the mid 80’s.
The urinating goat is a rustic touch. The Kung-Fu film shots, the fancy footwork, the great guitar sound and the serious singing by the Queens cancel out the fact that Malcolm is making an ass of himself. I want to know what the lyrics are to this song from Duck Rock (1983). This is one of the craziest African grooves I know of. The guy with the shades reminds me of J.J. (“DY-no-MITE”) from Good Times. If I were to tell you more about why I love this song, you wouldn’t believe me…

The only words I can make out as sung by the Mahotella Queens (if it is indeed them) :

♪♫ ♫  “Oh no you can’t change the world  –
Sorry forever / then you get up and go…”
♪♪ ♫♪♫

See Jungle See Jungle

jungle book

Speaking of Jungle poetry, I just found out that one of my favorite jungle songs, Jungle Boy [from the 1981 album  “See Jungle See Jungle Go Join Your Gang Yeah City All Over Go Ape Crazy” by Bow Wow Wow] was plagiarized by Malcolm McLaren. I never found out until now that it was an English language cover of  the 1973 song Umculo Kawupheli by the Mahotella Queens from South Africa. If you like Afro-pop it is interesting to listen to these two songs side by side. McLaren lifted other songs from this band as well – you can hear them on Duck Rock. I always liked the cartoony apocalyptic lyrics of Jungle Boy as Annabella Lwin sung them, but I have no idea what the words of the original version by Mahotella Queens means.

BOW WOW WOW   For lyrics to “Jungle Boy” click here