Clarion Calls


It’s OK to be WOKE.

It’s not Right  to be WRONG.

Appropriate intersectionality!

Occupy cis-gender privilege!

Believe unbelievers!

Wake the wokeness in women!

Hands OFF of my body politic!

Celebrate maximized Matriarchy
by radicalizing pronoun polarization.

Revoke Whiteness by darking the brightness.

Empower the margins for doodling
instead of scribbling.

It’s about disembarking
from Patriarchy’s leaking ark
It’s about politicizing polyandry
It’s about re-peeling the orange
to freeze the debt ceiling

NO MORE free Cheetos: Truck Fump !

NO MORE empty sloganeering

NO MORE mindless cheering

Create your own unreality NOW !

Islam is right about women.