Poet’s Problem

Poet’s problem, patron saint
Puts me in the place I’m in
Passion’s letter
Poison’s pen
On these two things I can depend
Who will write your number on the wall?
I will not be there, when you call
I think I’ll do a line and then again . . .

Dirty dealers, school of thought
And armchair for the strength of thought
The TV set’s been on all night
You were wrong and I was right
You will write your number on the wall
I will not be there when you call
I think I’ll do a line and then again . . .

Who will write your number that’s not all?
I will not be there, when you call
You will write your number on the wall
I will not be there when you call
I think I’ll do a line and then again . . .

Poets Problem Lyrics as written by Jimmy Destri
Lyrics © BMG Rights Management

Voice of Grace


(This live performance from 1966 sounds better on audiophones)

Grace really is slick: articulate and intelligent.
Listen to her wisdom. Pray for her salvation.


00:00 Sally Go ‘Round The Roses 06:35 Didn’t Think So 10:00 Grimly Forming 13:57 Somebody To Love 18:20 Father Bruce 21:57 Outlaw Blues 24:26 Often As I May 28:10 Arbitration 32:12 White Rabbit 38:24 That’s How It Is 43:00 Darkly Smiling 45:35 Nature Boy 48:50 You Can’t Cry 55:30 Daydream Nightmare 1:00:06 Everybody Knows 1:02:42 Born To Be Burned 1:05:57 Father

Say Lovely Nymph, where dost thou dwell?
Where is that Secret Silvan Seat,
That Melancholy, Sweet retreat,
From whence, thou dost these notes repel?
And moving Syllables repeat?
Oh! Lovely Nymph, our Joyes to swell,
Thy hollow, leafy Mansion tell.
Or, if thou only Charm’st the Ear,
And never wilt to sight appear,
But dost alone in voice, excel,
Still with it, fix us here.

Where Cynthia, lends her gentle light,
Whilst the appeas’d, expanded air
A passage for thee, does prepare,
And Strephon’s tunefull voice, invite,
Thine, a soft part with him to bear.
Oh! pleasure, when thou’dst take a flight
Beyond thy common mortal height,
When to thy Sphere above thou’dst press,
And men like angels, thou would’st bless
Thy season be, like this fair night,
And Harmony thy dress.

Anne Finch 1696

Poetic Preliminaries:


ROXY MUSIC remains one of my all-time favorite bands. I attribute my useless love of poetry in part to some of their lyrics. The cover of this very poetic record was always too hot to handle. I thought of pasting it in here but 5 of my 7 regular readers would be offended. It was risqué in 1974 and it is still so today. If you are curious you can always click HERE. The heavenly bodies distract us, yes, but it is the words that I am after.

I also love the Southwestern states of the U.S. where I lived for years.
And so I bring you two favorite Roxy songs: Prairie Rose and Amazona:

TEXAS . . . that’s where I belong / It seems to me
Lonesome star / Shine on / The big country
With open skies, and you for company
Oh prairie rose . . . how happy I should be

Hey hey . . . You can take it from me / Hey hey, I’ll be coming, you’ll see
Hey hey, oh what a state to be in / Hey hey, you’re tantalizing me

Texas: I will compose in fancy rhyme, or just plain prose
A song of praise / To you, Prairie rose
Though I’m not sure I can explain your strange allure
Prairie rose / A crown of thorns / A scented flower
Hey hey
I’d better leave right away / I can hear you calling me / Prairie rose


AMAZONA . . . is a zone where / there is no doubt / No more fall-out
Why don’t you step through the mirror and see?

From Arizona to Eldorado / Sure is a mighty long way.
Hey little girl / Is something wrong?
I know it’s hard / For you to get along

The bell-tower rings; it tolls a hollow sound
But your castles in Spain still maybe realized / And longings more profound.

You see, every cloud has a silver lining . . .
And sometimes paradise around your corner lies . . .
In Amazona everything is nice
Little one, come take my hand; I’ll try to help you there
I’ll take you there

Amazona’s getting closer / Soon you’ll see.
Journey’s over / We’re almost there!