Teetotaling Totalitarian

Adolf Hitler had a ball,
yet paused, halfway, to brew some tea
(though German beer is best of all,
and works to set one free).

Herr Hitler blinked. His reign of power
was snatched by Yankee/Allied hands
The weakest brew now had its hour—
for tea will do when tea commands.



Dumb-ass Haiku verse
always counting syllables…
Japan; like I care?

Mix-Master P. Freneau

YO—my boy Phillip Freneau be THROWIN’ down lyrics, gnome sain?

I need to get more into this patriot-poet of the revolutionary era.
There is so much to discover in  his prodigious body of work.
He  was quite the American rap-artist…

A Warning to America is as timely as ever.
These poems by Freneau  go out  to all  Tea-Partiers and their adversaries, regardless of election results. Don’t believe the hype. Tea party is a state of mind and Freneau was definitely there.
He wrote a great poem about it.

He  evoked the romance of the new world as felt in the days before the frontiers of the U.S.  had been expanded in poems like On the Emigration to America and The Indian Burying Ground ( …Pale Shebah with her braided hair… !).  This era represents a literary high-point in history for the type of poetry I esteem.

Here’s a link if you like what you found.