Saturday morning with Sesostris


The Nile

James Henry Leigh Hunt  (1784-1859)

It flows through old hushed Egypt and its sands,
Like some grave mighty thought threading a dream,
And times and things, as in that vision, seem
Keeping along it their eternal stands,–
Caves, pillars, pyramids, the shepherd bands
That roamed through the young world, the glory extreme
Of high Sesostris, and that southern beam,
The laughing queen that caught the world’s great hands.
Then comes a mightier silence, stern and strong,
As of a world left empty of its throng,
And the void weighs on us; and then we wake,
And hear the fruitful stream lapsing along
‘Twixt villages, and think how we shall take
Our own calm journey on for human sake.

2 comments on “Saturday morning with Sesostris

  1. CJK says:

    Want to be a radical non-conformist? Want to throw of the shackles of societal norms? Want to be a bold and brazen independent thinker and not a pathetic, robotic trend follower? Want to finally stand up and be your own man? Then don’t…get a tatoo. I know this has nothing to do with your poem, I just wanted to say it.


  2. drew says:

    I don’t care for tatoos personally.
    I am waiting for that subcutaneous global I.D. smart-chip debit thingee for the coming cashless economy.

    Now shut up and BUY!


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