Type O’ Graphic Fashion Monkeys

Something has been bothering me as I consider the blogosphere:

What is it about the current rage for very small “digital” – looking type on many sites and most art and philosophy blogs? Is this the tyranny of the minimalist majority? Who told all these lefty-dissident academic hipsters to start using unreadably small fonts on black or darkly colored backgrounds?     Duh.

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Since Halloween is coming up, I also have to kvetch about the “white-on-black with orange headers”  default look for many philosophic blogs.
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Did I miss the memo or something?  Did the Party Central Committee issue a graphics edict to the cadres that never reached me?  Does “night pumpkin overkill” ring a bell?  Don’t you people value LEGIBILITY for God’s sake? I doubt the unconverted masses are going to read your endless hyper-intellectual  screeds as long as you conform to this current typographic fashion. Get READABLE, dammit!

Or are your arcane cerebral perspectives so über-cool that you want to actively OBSTRUCT the uninitiated from having a relaxed viewing experience at your sites?

Dang.    Can’t even READ this stuff…

When so many are using the same format one has to wonder – are ye nothing more than a herd of typographic SHEEP?

You have heard of sheep,  yes?  Or do you need this ontological precept to be deconstructed before you can deal with it?

As someone whose wisdom I greatly respect once said:

“The more loudly you proclaim your freedom, the more clearly I hear your chains rattling…”

That was my poem for the day. I hope you enjoyed it.

PS: More black and orange, please.

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