4 Easy Pieces: conceptual poem/quiz

1) womb worker / moon mama rising from the sista circle / warrior of ebony ujamaa dreams / afreakan priestess of night-goddess humanity / blood-flower of the ancestors / my noble violated self /my people my poems SUCK 

2) Workers of Aztlan peones of capitalismo we don’t need no stinkin’ gringo badges to sweat bullets in your fields of oppression / pachuco rising in the barrios of the frijole future nahuatl rose Azteca princesa tortilla vendor /  return oh sons of Cuautemotitlan / Tio Sam is having a coronary tú sabes  but our espangleesh poetry still SUCKS

3) revaluate  revolutionary solutions in revolt / occupy the exploitation / up against the m—-er f—-in’ Walmart credit slaves kickin’ it on multiple fronts ’cause the game is going down and we getting our war on / greenly sustainable future arise immaculate in the smoke of your shopping malls when our molotov poetry stops SUCKING

4) queer = queenly / we are your fears / winking at transgendered repression in tears / a butch-booted army mascaras toward your dead tradition so flaunt this, breeders / our collective diversity  pierced only by fascist family values / skinning your hate alive / undressed in the day-glo San Fran fact / that we write SUCKY SUCKY POETRY


   (20 points)

A. Drunken Rethuglican plutocrats in a gay bar

B. Undocumented indigenous sex-workers who play lacrosse at Duke

C. The evil racist Nazi fascist dead white CEO of Chick Fil-A, bless his soul…

D. Tenured North Korean sympathizers teaching World Lit @ Virginia Tech


It’s YOUR TURN now.  

Go write some sucky militant poetry.

 POWER  to the PEOPLE. Unh – huh…

IMAGE CREDIT: http://pochp.files.wordpress.com

6 comments on “4 Easy Pieces: conceptual poem/quiz

  1. Anissa says:

    I’m really impressed with this. Think I’m going to start using the term Rethuglicans. Lol.


  2. I’m genuinely impressed. You have an entire site devoted to aesthetic & political reaction, papered w/ virulently racist rhyming couplets, & you spend your time posting links to this site on every leftist/modernist poetry blog you can find. Remarkable hobby. May you be honored with the post of court poet in some future fascist state.


    • drew says:

      Reaction is in the mind of the beholder.
      (great commentary nonetheless.)
      Do visit again and may God richly bless you…


      • Anissa Alleyne says:

        Interesting, today on the Katie Couric show she touched the subject of racism and people blew her page with all types of ignorant comments. I felt the need to say something and basically said what you said. You should take a look at Katies Facebook page. People where so angry at her for touching the subject. I couldn’t believe people reacted the way they did.


      • drew says:

        Thank you for the commentary. I didn’t see the K. Couric segment. I have strong views but I DO believe in maintaining civility and courtesy in online communication. Some people are definitely harder to love though…☺


      • Anissa says:

        Well done.


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