Music of the Amazons


I, Francisco ORELLANA, conquistador of New Spain and faithful servant soldier of my King and Queen, having been stranded near the sources of the River of Darkness flowing through the jungles of Greater QUITO, bear faithful testimony of the marvelous sights and wonders my troops and I have beheld, by Grace of the Holy Trinity, here in the recently established Colony of Imperial Spain among the lands of the savage OMAGUAS. Tribes of women, living without need of men, do both sing and dance and play diverse instruments in their villages and we have been most entertained by their arts and courtesies. Therefore we do seal and inscribe with the authority vested in us by Our Royal Benefactors Ferdinand and Isabela, sovereign regents of Castile and Leon this day of August two-thousand thirteen a most blessed YouTube – and we proclaim: that this flowing river should be rightly named AMAZON in light of the fact that such cities of independent women as mentioned by the philosophers of antiquity do flourish in this NEW WORLD:

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