What Cracks Me Up

…is that I work on some carefully-considered heartfelt poetic discourse for 25 + edits, publish it – and…

Nothing.  No one reads it.

Then I spew out some superficial bullshit and people immediately “LIKE” it.
I get lots of hits.

People are stupid.  Poetry RULES the universe.

4 comments on “What Cracks Me Up

  1. Light humor vs serious depth, the age old battle!


  2. I feel your pain. I literally just shut down my blog for lack of feedback. It’s become boring. I get hits but no one ever has Anything to say…lame


    • drew says:

      Maybe try posting shorter humorous stuff to balance the serious…but I know what you mean. People are stupid and love fluff more than reality. It blows my mind to see how many hits and vapid comments certain blogs get – blogs that make me weep and retch with boredom. They probably feel the same way about mine ha ha ha !


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