Original Cast: Idols & Molten Images

Just in case you have 2 hours to kill . . . the original London cast rocks.
This is the one where Murray Head sings the part of Judas.  Electric!
In my opinion, there are some great visuals in the film, but the music and voices can’t compare to the original cast recording. Ian Gillan as JC—way more powerful than the film guy. The temple priests and Herod as well—MUCH better in the original cast. And let’s not even mention that fascistic/pseudo-Goth trash version that they did in the 90’s.
Sorry guys—it sucked; original cast recording all the way.

I encountered this disc when I was about 9, growing up in an atheistic family.
It made a powerful impression on me. Every lyric is still embedded in my mind.
It should be listened to every single Easter in its entirety.

I especially like Judas’ Death as sung by Murray Head in this recording.
The fade-out into poor old Judas / So long Judas is incredible . . .
(@ 1:09:26 on the video).
To me it’s more compelling than the Carl Anderson version.

Ian Gillan – Jesus Christ
Murray HeadJudas Iscariot
Yvonne EllimanMary Magdalene
Victor BroxCaiaphas, High Priest
Brian KeithAnnas
John GustafsonSimon Zealotes
Barry DennenPontius Pilate
Paul DavisPeter
Mike d’AboKing Herod

Neil Hubbard: electric guitar
Henry McCulloch: electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Chris Mercer: tenor sax
Peter Robinson: piano, electric piano, Organ, positive organ
Bruce Rowland: drums, percussion
Allan Spenner: bass guitar
Strings of the City of London Ensemble

Beyond the Twilight of the Idols HERE

JCSS cover

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