Also Sprach Scriptaculums

Good poems have changed the world – and the poems can even today. A poem can be expressed differently, is often more accurate than everyday words and comes with excellent sound directly into the heart and soul. Think with the poet captured the love poem to a woman and hit the bow of the topics love about happiness to sadness. Even if the voice fails, the right poem can take on the task of the embassy.

But fortunately enough, most events in life are cheerful nature or you can give them with the matching poem a humorous appeal. New poems we have written exactly that! From the high-class speech as a poem, short poems with punch and imagination and telling little stories as a poem, and more. Our poems and sayings are written in the correct meter and can speak and understand well. Did you know that a poem is really good only while reading aloud ? Then the language opens up more clearly, as well as the emphasis and the sound of words, the results only from rhymed lines. Give it a try ! It opens up to you a new world of poetry ! And not only that, because you feel the class of a sophisticated poem on a word choice that is more than just a tedious rhyme at the end of the line. In a good poem, the words of a line swing in another when speaking with very melodic. The most common and recurring events are birthdays. The theme of the birthday poems we have paid special attention.

And so we, the authors of the Scriptaculums, always try to keep it in the words of Heinrich Heine ( poet 1797-1856 ), who wrote about the art of poetry and poetry follows, quote:

“A bit of foolishness that sees itself always heard to poetry !”

And also Christian Friedrich Hebbel ( 1813-63 poet ) was us a mental model of his sentence, quote:

“Poetry is not to say anything, but to let us dream of it.”


(with help from Google translator)

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