The Fear of Isaac
 And Jacob sware by the fear of his father Isaac.
    Genesis 31:53

Sharp trauma must have lingered on for good

in Isaac’s silent dazed humanity

halted by heaven; trembling laid on wood

 too young to question father’s sanity.

Was it a light thing? To be thus withstood

 by Jehovah’s awful benignity…

Faltering further up life’s mountain, would

 he carry the damage with dignity?

This just might explain the forty-year wait –

meditating on the ram, on his fate.

The paralyzing laughter of his name

even after life unveiled in his tents.

A certain hesitation does make sense

in the son laid out on unkindled flame.


2 comments on “The Fear of Isaac

  1. wiseblooding says:

    This is terrific! Isaac has always puzzled me. Did this experience, the knife raised over his head, create an uncomfortable dissonance? When I read about him in Genesis, he seems like a caretaker, nothing like either Abraham or Jacob. Thanks for sharing!


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