Asleep at the Wake: a Dirge

Because I hate money
as money hates me,
I will out-live my debt
and be buried for free.Recueillement

My gravest desire:
die poor, with no coffin,
that Death may unharden
what Life could not soften.

Because money hates me
I sometimes hate God,
(though I never served Mammon)
so SHOVEL, you clod,

while I speak from the grave;
a cadaver with class:
come strew a few flowers
and cover my ass.

(Or cover my assets
so my corpse doesn’t lie
like a liability.)

Because money hates me
I’ll leave it to you
to savor my point of
funereal view.

7 comments on “Asleep at the Wake: a Dirge

  1. SalvaVenia says:

    Money makes the grave go round … :)


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