White Reggae

I like Reggae music a lot.
I know some people don’t feel this way, so I’m sorry if you don’t care for it.
(If you know you don’t, you should probably leave now.)

I have noticed how hard it is for white bands to play authentic reggae sound. Sometimes they try – but the drum and bass don’t work together and although each player is attempting reggae, it doesn’t end up there. D’yer Maker by Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton’s I Shot the Sheriff, the Eagles’ Hotel California, 10 CC’s Dreadlock Holiday, even Steely Dan’s Haitian Divorce all fall short of being reggae, although they try.  I love all of these songs and consider them favorites… but they don’t SKANK ! I know a lot of Two-Tone ska bands did get the sound down but I am talking about all-white bands doing the one-drop skank here.

Tell me your favorite white reggae songs.

This Rastaman says Reggae is apostate music of the Cainites !

2 comments on “White Reggae

  1. Gnick says:

    Haha, funny post! But You forgot some white, 80s female reggae dabblers: blondie (tide is high, die young stay pretty, island of lost souls) pretenders (private life) as well as all the clash and sex pistols reggae/dub crap. Interesting fact: Johnny rotten got the clash dudes into reggae (not the other way round)…


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