Out of the Blue

A subliminal beginning: that double beat that keeps pulsing harder – until the song ignites and lifts off into the atmosphere… Something about someone falling in love – or just getting obsessed momentarily (?) The spiraling end: the crazy upward soaring sound – like getting shot out of a vortex; out of the blue and into the stratosphere; out of the blue into the absolute freedom of space: liberation from gravity. It sounds like a piece of rocket burning up in mid-flight – or the sound of a passing comet…

One of the greatest rock bands ever. Yes.  It’s true.

 All your cares, now they seem oh so far away / All your fears I fear I once shared
Now I know there’s a future for all of us / Not so long ago, I was so scared
You seemed so sad; I could see through your twisted smile
So unsure – always confused
Pale blue eyes gazing down from your ivory tower
Through the haze all broken and bruised
Then out of the blue, love came rushing in / Out of the sky came the sun
Out of left field came a lucky day / Out of the blue – no more pain…
I don’t mind if it’s only a passing craze – throwaway lines often ring true
If I were you I would stay for a little while / If you were me would you walk out in style?Rocket girl2
IMAGE CREDIT: quartermoon.us

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