Dionysos Manifests


Hail, Dionysos

Dudley Randall (1914 – 2000)


Hail, Dionysos
god of frenzy and release, of trance and visions,
hail to the manifestations of your might,
thanks for admitting me to your ritual.

Inspirer of divine speech:
     da da da da da da da da da:
releaser of subterranean energies:
     a man lies snoring on the sofa;
giver of fierce grace:
     a girl staggers among chairs, reels against the wall;
endower with new sensations and powers:
     a man vomits on the rug – an aromatic painting,
     and a girl, a lovely creature,
     wets her panties.

Hail, Dionysos
god of frenzy and release, of trance and visions.

I see them recede,
handsome men, beautiful women,
brains clever and bright, spirits gay and daring,
see eyes turn glassy, tongues grow thick,
limbs tremble and shake,
caught in your divine power,
carried away on the stream of your might,

Black Poets

 Google books got there before me…

4 comments on “Dionysos Manifests

  1. noochinator says:

    Thash (hic!) jush great….


  2. Tera Wilson says:

    So I came to check out your blog, haven’t yet browsed what you got going on here, but the curiousity is killing me, so got to check it out.


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