Slamming Slam Poetry

I like traditional and literary poetry if it is not too self-conscious and cryptic.
I like song lyrics and other rhythmic forms of versification. I like dub poetry.

slam poet

But from what I have seen on the web exemplifying “Slam Poetry” I can’t enjoy it. It seems, at first, second and third glance to mainly be about self-aggrandizing, posturing, agitation and racial/ethnic/gender complaining. It is delivered with a lot of swagger and bombast but it seems weak on substance.  I like reading poetry and meditating on it in tranquility- and the best place I ever enjoyed poetry (Oxford Anthology) was living in an old bus in the Arizona wilderness for 6 months.  I don’t want to hear poetry in an atmosphere like an urban-issues council meeting at a comedy club. To hell with that – give me rarefied verse from 2 or 3 centuries ago in a quiet comfortable place.  Any day.

Embittered empowered women screeching about themselves and why they are ticked off gets old very fast. Not very DIVERSE, I might add..

Give me some wit, some transcendence and some subtlety please. You all go to the poetry slam – I’m staying here with the anthology. In a clean, well-lighted place.


4 comments on “Slamming Slam Poetry

  1. wiseblooding says:

    You’ve said exactly what I think about slam poetry! Thank you! Love the first video. Right on.


  2. colonialist says:

    It seems to have all the intellectual stimulus of a breakfast cereal ad. Anyone calling it ‘poetry’ should be sued for misrepresentation. No wonder they mostly have non-poetic-expert people as judges – those with some appreciation of the real thing wouldn’t survive.

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