Masters in this Hall


English Lyrics: William Morris, 1834-1896
Music: traditional French tune 17th century

Masters in this Hall, hear ye news to-day
Brought from over sea – and ever I you pray;

Nowell, Nowell, Nowell!    Nowell, sing we clear
Holpen are all folk on earth,  born is God’s son so dear:
Nowell, Nowell, Nowell!   Nowell, sing we loud
God to-day hath poor folk raised, and cast a-down the proud…

Going o’er the hills, through the milk-white snow
Heard the ewes  bleat while the wind did blow


Then to Bethlem town we went two by two,
And in a sorry place, heard the oxen low


     Therein did we see a  sweet and goodly maid
And a fair old man – upon the straw she lay


This is Christ the Lord – Masters be ye glad!
Christmas is come in, and no folk should be sad…

CasparDavidF snow 1

Caspar David Friedrich: Monastery Ruins in the Snow (1818)

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