5 comments on “Jack T. Chick Chic

  1. wiseblooding says:

    Good post! It seems like Chick tracts have been around my entire life, though I haven’t kept up with them. (I didn’t know there was an app!)

    The Southern Poverty Law Center labels the ministry a “hate group” so Chick is still having an effect. I like the video you’ve posted and I admire Jack Chick’s dedication to the Gospel. His methods may differ from those of others and he has drawn criticism from plenty of people, but he uses his talent to share Christ.

    I imagine Chick would identify with Paul in I Cor. 9:22: “I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some.”

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    • Andrew says:

      SPLC think anyone with an opinion different from theirs is hateful. They just called Dr. Ben Carson is a hater – for not approving of homosexual “marriage”.

      Some Chick tracts are way out there on the psycho side – but that’s part of their timeless appeal. And of course they are also very “hip” and “with it” for the “NOW” generation. ☺ But seriously – it is surprising how many anti-Christ hipsters are familiar with the tracts and even give grudging praise as they mock them.
      Thank you for commenting.

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      • wiseblooding says:

        I agree with Carson, so I guess that makes me a hater too.

        I was not aware Chick tracts were hip (I live a very sheltered life!) but I’m confident God can use them for His glory … just as He uses so many other things. He is awesome!


      • Andrew says:

        Chick tracts are very UNhip – so that gives them a certain something special, recognized by people who are SO COOL that they are UNcool.

        Anything as despised as a Chick tract has something serious going on.
        (the Gospel !)


      • wiseblooding says:

        Shows how out of touch I am … I don’t know hip from unhip!


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