Scaffold the Sky



A tower of Babel may to its Builders’ Eyes seem to hide its Head in the Clouds, but as to its reaching of Heaven, it is no nearer to that, than the Earth on which it stands.— It is thus with all the Buildings of Man’s Wisdom and natural Abilities in the Things of Salvation…  [William Law]

Executives manage things their own way
deciding, planning how all ought to be;
rarely heeding what their underlings say
even when it’s phrased deferentially.
These driven alphas earn corporate pay,
drive data in fast-lanes to fantasy.
Invested in dreamworlds—they’re underway
the vision projected methodically.
They dwell above the plebeian rabble
who toil to raise their capital towers –
and wonder, watching them rise like Babel:
was Nimrod sold out to foreign powers…
or was he building a global village
high on low motives, hubris and pillage?




One comment on “Scaffold the Sky

  1. wiseblooding says:

    So many great phrases here! I especially like the “fast-lanes to fantasy.”

    Liked by 1 person

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